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Here you will find listing, discriptions and pics of nearly all my games. Also you can download alot of them. However if they are not available to download it means that they were too big for me to upload. If the one that you want is not available to download please click on this link and send me an email says which you want and i will send it to you:

Lumberjack Heaven

Play as you would a normal game, but there is a catch. You must cut down the forest to make room for building and to get to your enemies. Also the are 5 Hesperides Trees to capture and all rates have been increased to 3.

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The 5 Great Guardians

The very first 5 GG game, made by me and nightcrawler0. In this game the objective is simple, kill the 6th Guardian of Darkness who is under the control of the Dark Warlord. The story is that the Guardians left Egypt decades ago in search of their creator. But Osiris had not heard from them in unitl he sent you, the sons of Osiris in search of them to find out what happened to them. Your search brought you to the norse lands after 5 years. You found a local camp containing a couple of weapon smiths Brokk and Eitri. They spoke of a forbidden valley and a peak with 5 huge dark statues surrounded by great beasts of myth. You went and and fought the creatures unitl you found special relics that gave you the power to awaken The 5 Great Guardians.

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The 5 Great Guardians 2

The story continues...

After defeating the Warlord's Guardian of Darkness you found an underworld passage that took you to Egypt. The part of Egypt run by Osiris. But shortly after arriving a Kronny of the Dark Warlord built a petrifing tower and froze the guardians again. Osiris was willing to help but you needed to capture the 5 special relics currently under the control of the Anubite King (another servant of the Dark Warlord).

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The 5 Great Guardians 3

However your victory did not last because when you returned to your newly built town, it had become rumble and flames. Osiris greeted you with relief but in Priest form. He told you how the Kronny had stole his strenght, but as he was doing so the Kronny came and drained your power. So now you must retrieve the stolen Lifeforce and kill the Kronny once and for all!

The Jackal's Death

Original created by bhchild. We teamed up to make this game the best we could. The aim of the game is to defeat the jackals (anubites) and detrsoy their wonder. If you fight through to wonder and destroy it a great force comes to punish you. If you want to find what it is then you will just have to play and find out. (Even though it is pretty obvious)

Death Till Dawn

This is a host vs 2 player game, the objective for the host is to kill player 2 and 3 before the sun rises after 20 minutes. If he/she doesnt then player 2+3 win automatically. Player 1 cannot attack for the first 5 minutes though. (Times may vary depending on the difficulty).

Double Agent

This is just a quick 3 player game that I put together. Players 2 and 3 are enemies and you are just the middle man who gets paid by each player to help ruin the other ones plans. Also you start with invisible shades to use as spies and you control the walls between Player 2 and 3. Just as long as you get a good price. lol

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Great Deity

Welcome to the World of the Great Deity. Great Deity is the second game I ever made and i have made 7 different versions so far. The most popular one of them all was of course Great Deity 5- Son of Osiris. I originally based this game on Deity Little 1 by the SR2Leader. But now I have gone way beyond his level. Great Deity has much more detail, challenges, special features and trivia material from aom & aomx campains. Now my up and coming Great Deity 7- Ultimate power will blow you away.

Great Deity 6-Son of Osiris

This is the continued version of Great Deity 5- Son of Osiris, my most popular version. Not many people have this one though. But i'll give you the info:

There is mony units, god powers, no more lag and new challenges. Sons of Osiris have higher Attack strenght as well. This game certain shows no limits to Great Deity as you will see in Great Deity 8- Unlimited

Inferno's Regicide

Yes, you may have guessed where i got the idea for this game from. But if you're thinking its from an old Black & White film your wrong. It is from the old classic Age of Empire II. This combines the classic feel with power from the gods!

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Run Like Hell!

Based on Hide and Seek/Norse men in trouble!. You must avoid minotaurs and cyclops for 15 minutes. If you do then the Cyclops and Minotaurs will die and Players 1,2,3,4, will win but Players 5,6, will lose.

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Titan Spawn

In this game you must move Arkantos onto one one the blue squares to produce titans or special units and then to win you must destroy all your opponent's mirror towers.

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Storm the Great City

This is my first ever game that I made in March 2003. This is another 1v2 game, player 1 has a huge city and loads of resouces, Where as player 2 and 3 start with lots of units and high resources. Then it is just a matter of fighting to the death!

Click below to download this game.

World Map V12

World Map V12 is my second world map update. I this made world map with a night/day feature, more settlements, more detail, starting units, and all rates are now at 2.5 instead of 1 for quicker gameplay.


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